Issue 052 June 2020

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Editorial – Issue 052 June 2020

Do we really need Time? by Alex Apostolov, Editor-in-Chief When we think about time, there are so many questions that we can ask. Can we exist without the concept of time in our everyday life? Can we...

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The Guru

The Guru – John McDonald

PAC World: When and where were you born? J.McD.: I was born in Gary, Indiana on 22 December, 1951. The same doctor delivered my Dad in 1927, me in 1951, my brother in 1953 and my sister in 1961. PAC...



Protection History – Relay Testing

Testing Devices in the 1990s (Part 2) by Walter Schossig, Germany, and Thomas Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria In the last issue we covered the first devices released in the 1990s. There...


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GE’s Lentronics™ JunglePAX

GE’s Lentronics™ JunglePAX is a purpose-built communications solution specifically designed for utility operations, providing the required security and dependability through layers of redundancy. The...

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ATOP’s NTS7500 Series

The grandmaster clock is equipped with a Stratum 1 NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, which communicates with a Stratum 0 clock in a direct one-on-one connection The NTS7500 embeds a high precision...

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COPA-DATA releases zenon 8.20

COPA-DATA continues to improve the zenon Software Platform. Cyber Security as well as efficient engineering have been key aspects of the newest release of the automation software. Energy applications...

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CIGRE B5 Industry Updates

CIGRE Study Committee B5

by Richard Adams, Ramboll, UK News from CIGRE Study Committee B5 Protection and Automation On 17th April, CIGRE Central Office announced that the 2020 Paris Session will be turned into a digital e...